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The Surge is a Tier 4 tank upgrading from the Chiller at level 45.


The Surge has a circular body, with a rectangular barrel protruding from it. The barrel has some darker spots on it.

When charging up for the "special ability", the Surge's barrel changes color to red-orange.


The Surge's main bullet has the same bullet stats as that of a Sniper.

When charging up for the "special ability", the Surge cannot fire regular bullets. Charging up takes 3 seconds. The "special ability" bullets can go through players and rocks. They have very high (possibly infinite) penetration and move very quickly. The bullet is a long, thin projectile, and upon impact, the player or boss cannot fire for 3 seconds, and also move very slowly during that time.


The Surge upgrades from the Chiller at level 45.

It cannot upgrade any further.


As the Surge

  • One way that Surge excels in Boss Rush is the fact that a team of two Surges can infinitely stop a boss from firing while the other people kill the boss.
  • One Surge by itself can also stop bosses from firing for a long time, effectively decreasing its firepower by ~90%.
  • A Surge is weak by itself, find teammates to group together.
  • When alone hold alt fire (shift or right click) while running away or around a rock and wait for teammates to help.
  • Against polygons and crashers, the sniper bullet is pretty good.

Against the Surge

  • Try to use the fact that the Surge cannot fire while charging up to your advantage. Try to deal as much damage as possible within this time.


  • With Low-Quality Graphics, the black thing doesn't show up.