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The Tri-Blade, also known as the Triblade, is a reddish crasher. It looks and spins much like a fidget spinner, and has three times as much health as a crasher. It may evolve into a poison variant, and rarely a Deltrablade Lite.


Tri-Blades were added on 24 December 2018. Their health was buffed the next day. They were nerfed on 18 January 2020. On 19 March 2020 WoomyDefender.pngDefender and Deltrablade.png Deltrablade began to spawn 3-8 Tri-Blades upon death. Three days later Tri-Blades became able to spin.


Tri-Blades are a reddish 12-sided crasher, with 3 concave angles and 3 convex angles. They look much like a fidget spinner. Tri-Blades are slightly slower than pink crashers and are stronger.


Tri-Blades can spawn from Triangles, Triangle Sanctuary Nests, and the deaths of the Defender or Deltrablade. They can rarely evolve into Poison Tri-Blades or Deltrablade Lites.


If it's alone, you don't have to shoot at it, since it can't even kill a Level 0 Basic. Just be careful of it if you are at a very low health. If it was spawned fromWoomyDefender.png Defender/Deltrablade.png Deltrablade's death, just shoot them. Or if you have some shield or health points, let them die from ramming you. If spawned from triangle sanctuary, be careful because Red runners, Sentries, and Tri-blades together can easily kill you. Firstly get rid of the Sentries, then kill the Red Runners, and finally just get rid of the Tri-blades, but be careful of them evolving into Deltrablade Lites, since a Deltrablade Lite can easily kill players.

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