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Disambig.png This article is about the shape. For the tank, see Tri-Angle.

The Triangle is a small shape with little health. It is one of the weakest shapes, yet it still can be a good source of experience for low-tier tanks. Triangle has three more variants, one spawned from sanctuary and two more rare variants. Green Triangle and Orange Triangle are the rare variants, while Giant Triangle is spawned only from Triangle Sanctuary.


Triangle is a bit larger than a Square, has three sides and an orange color.


Triangle has only 6 health, making it unable to deal decent damage to most tanks. Still, if a low tier tank rams triangle it will take decent amount of damage, and even high-tier tanks may die to triangle if they have low health. Triangles can also be infected by Trimancer.

Triangle may evolve into the following:


Triangles are a good source of experience if you had not yet reached enough high level to eliminate alpha shapes. Groups of triangles may give you a decent amount of experience, thus allowing you to evolve to the next level. As a low-tier tank, it is suggested that you only shoot triangles and do not ram them. Firstly, they have decent health, and secondly they may evolve into red runner or tri-blade. At higher levels, triangles are no longer viable source of experience.

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