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In light of recent events, editors, please refrain from creating tank pages en masse with little to no information and vandalizing the wiki. Users that continue to do so will result in a block and the spam pages deleted.


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I'm a content mod here for some ungodly reason (even though I'm inactive), don't message me on my message wall if you have questions about the wiki because I'll probably never answer them.

I am a permanently inactive person in the woomy community who enjoys making suggestions. I am the author of all tanks in the composer branch except swarming composer and oldfield. I like to main:

  • Beethoven (insane range, good block speed) -- I got four 1M+s in a row with this tank, including my all-time highschore of 2,428,525 points.
  • Paratrooper (fast drones, makes a whole lot of noise)
  • Hunter, S-hunter, and Vulture (good range, insane range, incredible range, albeit the last zooms so much that it can be uncomfortable).
  • Nightseeker (refer to my joke article for why)
  • Overseer underrated, somehow

Also this exists lol https://fillygroove-hellcats.fandom.com/wiki/Fillygroove_%26_Hellcat%27s_Wiki

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I like soup

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