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The Vis Destructica is a strong, fast crusher that can turn invisible when idle. It is a crusher version of the Vis Ultima.


The Vis Destructica existed before the changelogs. However, on 13 January 2019, Vis Destructica's health was nerfed. On 17 February 2019, Vis Destructica's body damage was nerfed but its density was buffed. On 29 March 2020, the crusher's experience was nerfed.


The Vis Destructica is a seven-sided crusher that is shaped like a flying wing. Its color is usually a deep, vibrant green.


The Vis Destructica stays invisible when idle, but is very fast when attacking. It deals low body damage at a high rate, spreading the damage over a longer period. If the attack is fully absorbed, a glass build level 60 tank experiences about 50% damage with shield up.

The Vis Destructica spawns rarely in the Pentagon Nest. The Vis Ultima is a boss version of the Crusher.

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