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In light of recent events, editors, please refrain from creating tank pages en masse with little to no information and vandalizing the wiki. Users that continue to do so will result in a block and the spam pages deleted.


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Images are a great way to add content to this wiki. They can show gameplay, entities, or anything else important. However, we do have a policy for them.

For best results when taking pictures, use a ram VPN to clear out bots and not attract crashers and bots yourself.

General "Considerable Copyright" Policy

Note: "considered copyrighted" is a loose term to mean that the image, when used elsewhere, should be credited to the indicated owner, but is not legally binding.

  • Any picture with the name of the photographer in it (besides death screens of world records; those are considered copyrighted by Woomy-Arras.io's discord server) is considered copyrighted to the photographer. For this reason, pictures that include the leaderboard are not allowed except on Leaderboard and similar pages.
  • Any other picture is considered copyrighted to the wiki with credit given to the original uploader.
  • Pictures taken from the Woomy-Arras.io discord server that directly relate to it, are world records, or are suggestions (i.e. unimplemented) are considered copyrighted to the discord server especially to the original uploader to discord.
  • Pictures should focus on their intended topic.

Tank Image Policy

All tank pictures in infoboxes (such as Basic and Twin) must be blue. They must also be centered on the tank with the tank facing the upper left corner. Pictures that show other entities or objects such as ads, other players, or shapes will be rejected. They may be put in the Gallery of their respective page, however.

Passive/Hostile Shape Image Policy

All pictures of passive shapes in infoboxes must be either in Classic Diep color scheme or Light color scheme. All other color schemes will be rejected. The image must also be centered on the shape and not show other shapes.

All pictures of hostile shapes, including turreted hostile shapes, can show them either attacking in a group or as one; however, they must not show the player being attacked or other shapes. Again, this must be in Classic Diep or Light color scheme.

Pictures that are not intended for infoboxes may go into galleries or related sections/pages.

Bosses Image Policy

All pictures of bosses must show them attacking something, but no bullets from any other entity may be shown, nor can the health bar (if at all possible). Also, Pentagon Nest images are prohibited unless they prove a point. For example, the image shown below is unsatisfactory since it was taken in the Pentagon Nest:

While the person to took this image was likely in a hurry, they should have waited until a more acceptable time appeared. EK-1's are a very common occurrence in Woomy Arras.

Pictures such as the above are acceptable for galleries, however.